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international aiirort in atlanta led the nation with 80 guns foond thrrugh november of last year. folllwed by houston and denver. it is not cleer ii the increase s pecause more people are t-s-a screeners and new technolooies are doing a better joo finding them. the number f f-b-i background checks required for americans to purchhse a gun set a record in december. they cooductee thousand background checks for gun purrhases last month.forr &pthan 11-million checks... which also appears to be a typically the usiest month foo checks, because of chrrstmas gifts. . it follows the connecticut chool on possible gun connrol. presidenttobbma says he will push for new gun connrol legislation. 3 we have new information in a story you saw first on fox.a he was demoted for defending s pimself durrng a robbery.. is bbckkaa his oll job. this smmll piece f fiberglass jumped him during a delivery in anne arunddl county.pizzz huu has a no weappns policy so after the incideen swicegood was demoted to a cook.. which meaas less money because he was no onger makiig tips.the different locationn.. and will 3
incident. and that was the plan this morning at the lennox square mall in atlanta. that is until part of the crane being used to take down the big tree from the roof of macy's collapsed and the tree ended up dangling over the side of the building. no injuries reported. >>> and you won't find these next items at macy's, but have we got a sale to tell you about. how about a launch pad used for the space shuttles? there's word tonight that nasa is selling or renting facilities at the kennedy space center that were part of that shuttle program, which ended a year-and-a-half ago. in addition to launch pad 39a, they're selling space in the vehicle assembly building, which was first used to put together saturn 5 rockets for the apollo program. >>> and in paris, the police are hunting for four men who decided not to buy, but to steal. their target, the flagship apple store in the city of paris. the masked gunmen forced their way in after it had closed on new year's eve. they made off with iphones, ipads and other apple products worth an estimated $1.3 million, while the police were elsewhere,
more than they found in 2011. atlanta's airport which is the busiest airport in the country had the most with 80 guns found. that's followed by dallas, phoenix, and houston. it's not clear if the increase is because more people are traveling with weapons or maybe just tsa screeners and new technologies are doing a better job finding them. >>> the co-owner of a restaurant in federal hill is facing pretty serious charges this morning. and we have new reaction from the restaurant via facebook. you see matthew lasinski is co- owner is accused of raping a woman in the bathroom on new year's eve. well, according to police the victim says that she went there after getting into an argument with her boyfriend. the restaurant put a statement out about the allegations on their facebook page and in part it reads one of the team members has become the victim of one of the worst injustices i have seen in my lifetime. we have video as well as witnesses and yet he's still being charged. what happened to innocent until proven get. >>> now official. the president signed into law the bill averting
the gulf coast. atlanta, charlotte, raleigh, light rain but as far as we are concerned this will be high and mid-level clouds, tonight and most of tomorrow. for the north, more cloud, south, more sun. cold across the board. need a coat, hat and gloves not much wind, no wind chill. more clouds south of town no precipitation and cold and quiet, on friday, nice way to finish the week. weekend looks chilly but no rain and no snow. good news for saturday and really good news for playoff sunday. all right, overnight looks like this, partly cloudy and cold, two to three blanket night. upper 20s downtown, windings light, northwest, 10, by morning, partly cloudy, cold, 20s and 30s. winds light, northwest, 5 to 10. more clouds south of town, winds southwest at 10. next few days, weather alert green. cold, 40, friday. sunshine on saturday and 46, next 7 days drum roll please, temperatures mid-40s on sunday, dress for the 30s going up to the ravens game or fedex, dress for the 30s. mid-40s on monday and near 50 tuesday, low 50s wednesday. >> wow. >> not a drop or a flake for the next 7 days in janua
at the weather in some cities around the country. partly sunny in washington, 41 degrees. atlanta, mostly sunny, 50. occasional sun in st. louis, 32. mostly sunny in denver, 37. and cloudy with afternoon rain in seattle, 46 degrees. >>> many of the relatives of the 12 people killed in the aurora colorado movie theater shooting are rejecting a invitation to attend the planned reopening. they're due to reopen in two weeks but families criticize cinemark, the owner, zee scribing the offer as, quote, disgusting. >> cinemark has never offered their condolences to us families, to any of the victims, and they have -- we feel like they've sort of -- they want to use us as a stepping stone to try and boost ticket sales for their grand reopening for the public. >> a hearing is scheduled for next week to determine whether there's enough evidence to put accused gun man james holmes on trial. >>> a massive operation is under kwa off a remote i alaskan isla island. a drilling well ran aground this week. ben tracy reports. >> reporter: the coast guard has conducted several fly joefrs of the grounded oil rig a
200 from 2011. atlanta's airport had the most with 80 guns found through november. that's followed by dallas, phoenix, and houston. not clear if the increase is because more people are traveling with weapons or the tsa screeners and new technologies are doing a better job finding them. >>> time now for five things to know on this thursday morning. u.p.s. is expecting more than half a million packages being shipped back to retailers today. people will be sending back the things they got over the holidays and either didn't fit, didn't like, or didn't want. >>> starbucks wants you to kick the habit of throwing away the paper cups. starting today the chain is selling $1 reusable plastic cups to cut down on waste. the eco-friendly cups will look familiar and similar to those paper versions bearing the starbucks logo. >>> detroit officials are expected to release the city's crime stats later today for 2012. it's poised to see the highest murder rate in nearly 20 years. roughly 53 homicides per 100,000 residents staggering numbers. >>> mediation talks between the nhl and players went well
-hundred guns found in 20- 11. atlanta's airport led the nation with 80 guns found followed by airports in dallas, phoenix, houston and denver. it's not clear if the increase is because more people are traveling with guns. or if screeners and new technologies are doing a better job finding them. only unloaded guns are allowed in locked, checked baggage - inside a hard case. >> coming up a check of the markets. after the break. >>> now for today's market update. stocks soar after congress passed a last minute budget deal to pull the country back from the "fiscal cliff" on wall street. the dow shot up 308 points on the first trading day of the year. that's the biggest gain since 20-11. the nasdaq rose 92 points. and the s-and-p was up 36. >>> car rental company avis budget is buying the popular car-sharing service zip-car for about half a billion dollars. the deal requires final approval from zipcar shareholders, and the two companies expect the deal to be wrapped up in spring. under the deal, zipcar will operate as a subsidiary of avis. >> one of the greatest players ever. is calling it
says they belong. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> a lot of people seeing it today. let's see what happens. >>> let's get the weather from ginger zee, in for sam. >> and i told you about the santa anas coming in southern california. these are the counties. los angeles county had a 70-mile-per-hour wind gust. riverside, 64 miles per hour. san diego, 63. plenty of wind to talk about. this is what it does when you have a high-profile vehicle. it flips it. this is devore, california. that same high pressure system now going to move into the center of the nation. on the backside, we'll see a moderating trend. everyone's going, thank goodness. it's been a little bit cold. chicago gets to 35 on sunday. above average for atlanta on sunday at 60. new york city, by sunday, will get to 41. again, we've been subfreezing. so, that's going to feel good. your local forecast is coming up. >> plenty of cold staying up in minneapolis. it is 18 for a high today. could be worse. right? >> i love this. >>> coming up here, justin bieber speaking out after the shocking dea
to the coastal carolinas. and lake-effect snow from erie, pennsylvania to grand rapids. >> upper 40s from atlanta to dallas. 80 in miami. just 20s from boise to salt lake city. >>> all right. do you want to get your caffeine fix and help the environment at the same time? no. but if you want to, you're in luck. >> starting today, starbucks is rolling out its reusable plastic cup. it will cost you $1 and you can get ten cents off each cup of coffee when you use it. hopes are not too high for it. a few years ago, starbucks said they wanted to serve a quarter of their drinks in these things. that goal has been reduced to 5%. every little bit helps. >> i'm just thinking how to keep it sanitary. >> go home, put it in the dishwasher. >> and then you have to carry it or what have you? >> they wash it for you when you get there. they do. thank you, suzanne, for that little tip. put you at ease? >> i'm at ease. it's going to be a great year. a phobia free, germ free year. >>> coming up, how two 5-year-old girls had the where withal to stave their mom's life. >>> but first, pop stars and paparazzi. a photog
. we'll tell you the story behind this giant snowman still ahead. >> but first an atlanta area school board member accused of ramming her suv into a teenage student who was trying to hold a parking spot. >> don't forget we're always on stay with us. we'll be right back. >>> we got an update now on that fatal train crash involving a float carrying u.s. veterans. a texas prosecutor says a grand jury will consider the case next week. four vets were killed november 15th when the flatbed truck they were on was struck by a union pacific train. it happened during a parade in midland which honored wounded veterans and their wives. >>> in georgia a school board member is accused of driving her suv into a teen during a dispute over a parking space. so this all happened in the parking plot of a wal-mart outside atlanta. surveillance video showed the 17-year-old being hit by that vehicle right there while trying to save a parking spot. the school board member claimed the girl received a tire mark on her leg because she alleged on the vehicle. police didn't buy. it corps net was arr
in the southeast. showers along the gulf coast. >> just shy of 50 in dallas, atlanta and new orleans. mostly 30s here in the northeast. teens in minneapolis and fargo. >>> and when we come back, what a difference a deal makes. wall street kicks up 2013 in record style. >>> then, something new at starbucks today. it's not what's in the cup, but rather the cup itself. >>> and politicians gone wild. the one-time congressional candidate accused of slashing a rival's tires 54 times. >>> welcome back, everybody. well, wall street will be looking to build on the very stellar start to 2013 after the fiscal cliff deal. the dow soared 308 points, the biggest point gain ever for the first trading day of the year. but it turns out day one doesn't help forecast the rest of the year. that's a 50/50 tossup, pretty much. but the direction for all of january predicts the rest of the year about three-quarters of the time. >>> and one thing sure to influence the markets in coming weeks, the battle over the budget deficit. moody's credit rating agency has sent congress a new warning saying, if lawmakers do not come
, in atlanta, dallas, who are really beginning to break ranks with the broader d.a.'s associations and call for various types of reforms for the drug laws and drug enforcement. i think that the -- one of the contexts that's so important here and people so often lose sight of is that this bill, 1506, is a small effort in the state of california and in the country of the united states to try to roll back the horrendous rates of incarceration that have happened in this country over the last 30 years. i mean, that's the context, right? the united states, i think most of you know these numbers now, but we're less than 5% of the world's population but almost 25% of the world's incarcerated population. we rank first in the world in the per capita incarceration of our fellow citizens. the russians are fading fast in second or third place together with the belarus people. the rates of the incarceration are five, six, seven, eight times than most in other societies, europe and elsewhere, though their rates of nonviolent crime and drug use are not that much different than ours. so if another country w
in the uniform and ravens stadium. >> reporter: a man who rehabbed his life like no other after his atlanta scare. >> i wanted to be known differently and make men better and figure out ways to challenge men to not let the game dictate your emotions and not let the game dictate if you're mad or glad or sad. no, no, be who you are as a man. walk what you are with who you are as a man and be okay with being a man. >> reporter: of listening to him you wanted -- after listening to him you wanted to put pads on. he has been the inspirational leader sense 1996 when he landed here. >> i'm going to give you everything i got because this is our last one and wherever it ends, it ends. but i didn't come back for it to end in the first round. >> reporter: come sunday he will enter the ravens den to perform his last dance and when he leafs he will leave as the greatest middle linebacker we have ever seen. nobody will wear 52 in this town for this team again. ♪ >> jamie costello reporting there. if you know anything about lewis, so passionate about the game and his teammates and about the community and you k
for the year. that puts us on par for atlanta georgia. a few degrees makes a difference. >> tonight, a local neighborhood is on guard after a man armed with a shotgun has struck five times. >> we're live at what police are using to catch the criminal. >> a teenager is araped and a football player is accused. a warning to motorist don't think about running a red hey, looook! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wiwish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. >> yes, we do have a lot of red light cameras in this region already and they are planning to install more cameras. they are planning to add as many as 50 cameras across the county. >> the light turns red
producing a lot of showers to the south down into the carolinas, down south and east of atlanta and you can see that that will generally stay to our south. we are not going to get any rain today. out to the west, we have high pressure and clearing skies and just like yesterday, way the bit of cloudiness here early, should be in for a mostly sunny and quiet weather pattern continuing here if the next couple of days. we'll go 40 today, sunshine and a cool afternoon. winds out of the west at about five to 10 miles per hour. and later tonight, clear skies, cold overnight. 30 your overnight low. this is your winds out of the west at five. here is your accu-weather seven- day forecast. tomorrow, more of the same with temperatures in the low 40s. by sunday, we'll be in the mid- 40s for that redskin game but we should be dry. that is good news. if you like warmer temperatures, look like we'll get a bit of a respite here with temperatures in the low 50s by tuesday and wednesday. julie wright will be celebrating. and she doesn't have to take a trip to florida this week. let's do some traffic. julie h
academic institution. in atlanta, jonathan serrie, fox news. >>> coming up the outrage on congress almost meeting the fiscal cliff fiasco. >> and they are criticized as being cash cows for local governments, but a new report shows just hspeed cameras can be. >> reporter: get it while it's hot, new redskins playoff gear on sale throughout our area. it is going quickly. i'm matt ackland, that story coming up. >> if you see a story we should look into, 202-895-3000, [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios; it's about getting fios. that moment after you finally got it that you actually get it. when you see the difference 100% fiber optics makes, and you say "woah we are not on cable anymore." when online videos aren't herky jerky, you get it. or when a movie downloads in two minutes, you get it. last chance to get fios for just $79.99 a month for two years with a two-year agreement. plus $300 back. go to today call the verizon center for customers with disabilities for america's fastest, most reliable internet. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. ve
you have? >> we have 100 employees and three plants, atlanta, phoenix and wisconsin. david: you fall right into the small business category concerned about obamacare, don't you? because you have just enough employees you have to begin to provide services maybe you haven't been providing in the past? >> absolutely, david. i think the fine line with us is we also develop software solutions for the health care and insurance industries of the so as a result of obamacare we're actually able to help some of those insurance and health care providers develop better communications strategies to reduce their costs and increase better efficiencies in reaching their consumers. david: as an employer robert how will it affect your relationship with your emmloyees and your costs? >> we've been in conversations about that because absolutely it is a fear. no question we don't think there's a free ride for anybody. there is no such thing as free health care. it might sound good but when you put 40 million people that are uninsured on the program, somebody will have it pay for it and ultimately it will
in the southeast. showers along the gulf coast. >> just shy of 50 in dallas, atlan atlanta, and new orleans. mostly 30s in the northeast. teens in minneapolis and fargo. >>> and coming up after the break, we told you about hannah storm's triumphant return to tv after a horrible propane accident that left her seriously hurt. >> up next, how to make sure your propane grill is safe and secure. great information you need to know, coming up on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by ariba medical. every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. look! no ugly spots! and see that shine! you've got to try finish. because once they try finish, they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good. wow! awesome! finish is seriously good. cannot believe how great it works. incredible shine. i won't use anything else. love, love, love finish! so far over a million neighbors, friends, and family have switched to finish. join the finish revolution and get up to 50% off. [ male announcer ] why do more emergency workers everywhere trust duracell...?? dura
dealing with some cold air with that arctic front. the 50s back into atlanta. new york city at 32 degrees. the west coast. this front coming in with not much rain at all and not much snow with it at all. friday's forecast, look how quiet it's going to be across the country. hardly any precipitation. maybe in the southwestern parts of texas as the upper-level low begins to move through. we'll see some snowfall there. but otherwise, this is when the warming trend's going to begin for some of us. temperatures get back above freezing in chicago. the next front does come in. but this will be the last one for a little while. bringing in really cold arctic air. across the south some rain continues into saturday. good weekend to take down the holiday decorations. i promise. for most of you it's going to be a good weekend for it. minneapolis up to 21 degrees here on sunday. chicago right at freezing. the next front coming in but skirting across the northern states with this one. it's not going to make its way to the south. check out these temperatures in the 50s and 60s for many areas. the northea
. in atlanta a treetopled after a crane removed it from the top of a mall snapped. you can see the 60-foot tree dangling off the side of the macy's building. firefighters moved in to help remove it after the crane broke. the tree fell into the roof of the store causing damage inside, as well. nobody was hurt. but my guess is they are going to have a plan b next year. >> i know. you can't see it but on our rundown we entitled that story christmas tree fail. [ laughter ] >> in a big way. >>> time now 6:53. coming up, a final check of your top stories. >> plus, the robotic vacuum that picks up everything, apparently even small children. -- look out! we'll be right back. p look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids ha
>>> a christmas treetopled in atlanta after a crane removed it from a place sis building. firefighters helped remove it. the tree fell into the roof of the store causing damage to the store itself. nobody was hurt. maybe they will go a fake tree next year. >> gosh. that could be dangerous. christmas grinch. >> yeah. >>> how about the weather? >> what's going on? >> hey, guys. good to see you this morning. glad you made it through the frost. very cold early on today. temperatures well down again. skies are mostly clear out there. and we are dropping back into the 20s and 30s. much of the interior valleys. 40s elsewhere but mostly clear start to the morning and by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine. just a couple of passing high clouds. the temperatures right around seasonal for this time of year in the mid up to upper 50s by the afternoon. looks like high pressure will stick around for another day. it's moving eastward and a system could bring showers to far northern california but we'll stay dry here. just cooler temperatures in and around the area especially late night and early morning. 55
they were driven by english coverage. cnn started in atlanta, did they have a bias towards the south? no. that happens to be where we're headquartered. it happens to be where the impetus this for this came from. but this is a long time plan for global expansion. we have a balkans network, we have a swahili network, a turkish network. we have children's programming and sports. this is a key and very much needed part for that expansion. >> but you're best known -- or co-best known, if that's a word, for the arabic language service and people who watch this very closely, who've made academic study of it say there are two kettles of fish, al jazeera in arabic and al jazeera in english. how are they different and how would you explain that to an american who has heard a lot of things that haven't been complementary about the arabic language service. >> the difference is who's your audience. to be honest it's targeted towards an audience and the coverage we rely on arabic for some material, too, they rely on us, we share some facilities. editorially we have different takes on these. we're doin
on bravo as hit reality show "the real housewives of atlanta." >> nene leakes has that role on "the new normal" where she plays rocky, a fierce assist yabt who is not too different from the real nene, as we've noticed. hey. how are you? >> good morning. >> how are you? >> you're a busy bee, i have to say. >> i am. >> you got your fame from "the real housewives of atlanta." you quickly took it and ran with it. not everyone can do that, can they? >> not everyone can do that. that's very true. i've been very lucky and very blessed. i think when you get an opportunity or a platform such as "the real housewives of atlanta" you have to use it to your advantage, and i was able to do that, and now i'm on a primetime television show. >> yes, you are. >> are you loving that? >> i do. i love ryan murphy. he is the creator of "glee," "american horror story." i love it. quite different than reality. it's a whole hour. lots of hours. >> you earn the money. >> yes, you do. >> there's a scene that was the part with the turkeys and all that where you and -- you're actually playing your mother's role, yo
.com and an msnbc political analyst. and cynthia tuckel, syndicated columnist for "the atlanta constitution." thank you both for being here with me tonight. >> good to be here, reverend. >> senator, let me go to you first. how should democrats handle these republicans who, apparently, haven't learned anything from their failures in the last congress? >> well, they have no choice but to go around them, go over them, go through them, which is basically what happened with the deal to overt the fiscal cliff. much of this is going to depend on president obama's leadership. the president stood firm in these negotiations. he had told republicans, he had told the american public, that he was not going to sign any deal that did not increase taxes on the wealthiest americans. he told them and he told them and he told them. they did not believe him. they thought that they could roll over him just as they had done in 2011. >> right. >> it did not work. so if the president holds fast, as he did before, they will not be able to roll over him and gut programs of consequence and ruin the economy. >> now, joan, so
by english coverage. cnn started in atlanta did they have a bias towards the south? no. that happens to be where we're headquartered. it happens to be where the impetus this for this came from. but this is a long time plan for global expansion. we have a balkans network, we have a swahili network, a turkish network. we have children's programming and sports. this is a key and very much needed part for that expansion. >> but you're best known -- or co-best known, if that's a word for the arabic language service and people who watch this very closely who've made academic study of it say there are two kettles of fish, al jazeera in arabic and al jazeera in english. how are they different and how would you explain that to an american who has heard a lot of things that haven't been complementary about the arabic language service. >> the difference is who's your audience. to be honest it's targeted towards an audience and the coverage we rely on arabic for some material too they rely on us, we share some facilities. editorially we have different takes on these. we're doing things for the a
. even down south atlanta 48. so cold, chilly air across much of the country. we have rain along the gulf of mexico and the great lakes a clipper system bringing some snow showers there. that's going to pass to our north. this system is going to pass to our south. we've got some clouds from it but as far as any moisture, not seeing it headed our way any time soon. today chilly, 40. more sun this afternoon. tonight back in the 20s in most areas to near 30 in town and by the bay. a breezy friday. you'll notice the winds tomorrow even though it will be sunny, 43, it's going to feel like it's in the 30s all day. west winds 10 to 15. saturday dry, 44. saturday night clouds, maybe a flurry. sunday 46 with both home playoff games. we're looking at make 30s for early tailgaters and second half of the football game. look at the 50s, maybe 60 by wednesday. >>> on the northbound side of 16th street at east-west highway in silver spring. watch out for a car on its side and it is blocking the right lane. here inside the beltway in chevy chase, work continues on an overnight water main break. it was ei
of the northeast who needed help from hurricane sandy. one more here. mary is calling from atlanta georgia. what do you say? good morning. >> caller: good morning, bill. >> bill: hi, what's up. >> caller: your previous caller, arthur, mostly had it nailed. my take was that i don't think boehner could have gotten the expenditure through without some form of offset. i think he had a feeling or fear that the tea party is in the house -- the tea partiers in the house would have voted against it and therefore it would have had democratic support and maybe some republican support and he would not have looked good. >> bill: yeah. that could be. there's certainly some tea partiers saying two things. first that they didn't think there was sufficient -- they hadn't seen sufficient evidence that these people needed help. i don't know what planet they've been living on. the second point you make is we may give this money but only if we can cut the same amount of money somewhere else like out of medicare or social security. which th
to take down a christmas tree on top of a macy's store in atlanta. part of the crane they were using snapped.leaving equipment dangling off the side of the building. the tree broke and and least one window was damaged. >>> another hollywood celebrity is backing the fight for marriage equality. jesse tyler ferguson of "modern family" was in chicago today to show his support of same-sex marriage in the state. illinois lawmakers are currently considering a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. ferguson and his modern family character are both openly gay. the proposal will go before the state senate this week. if it passes, illinois will be the 10th state to >>> and a reminder. you can catch all your entertainment news right here on kron-4. the insider starts at 7 -- followed by entertainment tonight at 7:30. >>> in sports. maybe the greatest linebacker of all time is calling it quits. . and the warriors. suddenly in the national spotlight. prepare to take on the team with the second best record in the n-b-a. but they are also a surprise. gary's next [ female announcer ] this is a special
will benefit out of this. >> the excitement only get bigger as va team does. >> meanwhile in atlanta getting a big christmas tree down from the roof of a macy's store did not turn out as planned. >> the crane removing it broke, leading to tree dangling. >> the tree fell into the roof of the store causing some damage. >> no one was hurt and firefighters eventually came to the rescue. >> we're tracking the weather here in the bay area and it is cold out. erica is tracking our numbers. the morning erica. >> good morning anny. temperatures similar to 24 hours ago. it may be a bit colder in your neighborhood. we are seeing 29 degrees in napa. freezing in vallejo. low '40's for oakland. santa rosa and chilly 28. you'll have to bundle up. it is a cold morning. although the national weather service did not issue a freeze warning or a frost advisory. we're seeing widespread areas of frost. you have to scrape off your windshield. there may be a black ice forming so drive with caution. temperatures will continue to jo drop as we head into sunrise. into the afternoon a warmer day ahead of bus. looking a
us from atlanta. a new year a new weather pattern. >> that's right. happy new year to you. happy new year, everyone. it is a new weather pattern. it's a virtual certainty that 2012 will go down as the warmest on record. 2013 has not started that way. albany, 2 below. 8 in boston. 25 in atlantic city. 28 in philadelphia. factor in the windchills, walking out the door, in albany, new york, 14 below. 2 below in providence. the air is cold. winds are coming in. even in the southeast, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. so on the whole, most of the country at about 10, 15 degrees below average. why? the jet stream's position is keeping it cold, and an impressive snow pack around the country keeping that cold air in essence refrigerated. the snow pack we have exceeding all of last season. that's what a banner snow year it's been thus far. single digits in the northeast, but pattern change is coming. what we'll see here, the cold air of today, highs in the 20s and 30s. you can see from minneapolis to kansas city, the northern tier of the country well below average that will change. we've seen
. >> meanwhile atlanta getting a big christmas tree down from the roof of a macy's store didn't turn out as planned. big crane removing it broke leaving the tree dangling. the tree fell on to the roof of the store causing some damage. noll was hurt and firefighters eventually came to the rescue. >> taking a double live look outside james lick freeway on the left in the golden gate on the right. lots of sunshine and here's a look at our forecast with erica good morning >> good morning and a beautiful start to the day. again it is cold out there and you'll want to bundle up. still in the '20s for livermore and concord at 29 degrees. oakland is at 37 and 42 and sam and cisco. satellite and radar show high pressure is in control and is keeping all the moisture to our north. there is no rain associated with this storm in the bay area. expect partly cloudy skies later this afternoon and upper 50s in the south bay. san jose 58 degrees at 57 palo alto. low 50s and antioch and 54 for dan boyle and pleasanton. no. 8 mid- 50s expected here 56 in downtown san francisco. 7 day around the bay shows mi
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